Oda Pottery

Oda pottery was founded in 1921, in the production area of Minoyaki, Mizunami-shi, Gifu Prefecture.

In the Mizunami area in the eastern part of Gifu Prefecture, together with close by Tajimi City and Toki City, the area flourished as the production centre of Minoyaki, it is also called "Japan's pottery capital" because of its wide variety of materials, designs and technologies. It has supported Japanese ceramics culture ever since.

Mizunami, where Oda pottery is located, has prospered as one of the world's leading white porcelain producers by producing and exporting Western kitchenware for Western countries from the beginning of Meiji era. With the skills and feelings of their predecessors that have been handed down over the years, They have continued to make white porcelain for about 100 years at Oda pottery

These white porcelain bowls further enhance the beauty of any dish. With their powerful charm you will want to make daily use of them.

The greatest strength of Oda pottery products is its technical ability to create flawless "white" even with white porcelain. Using the charm of white porcelain together with quality and technology, we bring a new era of white porcelain bowl from Japan suitable for living in modern times while constantly progressing. We would like to continue to deliver high quality products to various countries around the world.