KIWAKOTO is a brand that develops products centered on Kyoto craftsmanship. Kiwakoto means "extraordinary" in ancient Japanese. A design that pursues the handiwork of craftsmen, the collaboration of individuality, and the beauty of use. It expresses our desire to deliver a unique commitment to our products. A tableware series developed with the idea of ​​"crafts as daily necessities" that are dignified in everyday life. By removing the handiwork of craftsmen and writers from the household altar and putting it into a system that allows for mass production rather than one-of-a-kind items, we can deliver items to more people.

The soft texture and natural warmth that can only be created by human hands. The shape was arrived at through trial and error. We deliver items that serve as a point of contact between artisans engaged in traditional crafts and customers. At the root of Kyoto culture is the mind's eye that knows sufficiency and chooses what is cyclical and eternal. The next 100 years will be shaped by our continued search for something truly comfortable for ourselves and society.